Personnel training

Our mission is to be the most effective company in the region. We provide our clients with just-in-time service of high quality.

обучение сотрудников

Main stream idea:

 Professional level and continuous training of personnel is the key to success. 

Why you need to train the personnel if every day work gives the necessary experience without any special training? The answer is easy: the great part of success depends on the front personnel who are in contact with the clients day by day. 

Every HoReCa business-keeper worries about: how are their guests taken in; how are the communication and service organized; is the atmosphere supported; are the rules and restrictions kept? If mentioned questions are left without attention, the business won’t develop. One shall not stay still, it is necessary to keep go ahead. HoReCa trends and demands change regularly. It is vital to know about the changes in time and reorganize the processes as soon as possible to meet the demands. 

 What you get from the training 

  • Improvement of the service. It is know that there are special standards of work for operating personnel, managers and general managers. We clearly understand that the better is the service, the stronger is business competitiveness.  
  • The corporate culture is build up. It is obvious that we need to cultivate the antipathy towards foozle.  
  • The opportunity to “grow up” the personnel. If the operating personnel knows that good work leads to the career progress, their motivation will be stronger.
  • You can use our center to train the personnel working with new equipment, cookware, software and products with no extra expenses.
  • Decrease of personnel turnover. An employee don’t think much about changing of work if a manager is interested in personnel professional progress and gives an opportunity to learn and develop.
Besides, the qualified employees ease the onboarding for new employees and maintain service level so that food outlet has no need in special events to underprop its reputation.

Who can undergo training 

The center of food service and culinary skills ‘Elite Trade” allows to train any employee from operating to managing personnel. We help to polish the following skills: selling service, communication standards and skills, managing functions, managerial control, presentation of menu and etc. We organize training with qualified tutors and speakers of regional and national levels. The systems of evaluation and control are clear and easy.

Why we are trusted by

The center of food service and culinary skills “Elite Trade” helps HoReCa business owners to: train the personnel and improve the professionalism, work out and check innovation before implementation, strengthen the business competitiveness, attract new clients even during the stagnation. Come and train your personnel with us!