Soft opening and menu preparation

Our mission is to be the most effective company in the region. We provide our clients with just-in-time service of high quality.

проработка меню 

Soft opening and menu analysis

The center of food service and culinary skills “Elite Trade” will help you to test the innovations before implementation. Our multifunctional space is organized to meet different HoReCa challenges. Media space (conference hall), show kitchen for master classes, culinary studio for practical cooking are in you disposal.

The essence of service

Soft opening and menu analysis is focused on adjusting the system (cooking, service and inner communications). One shall compose a menu taking into consideration the conception of a specific food outlet. The recipes will be cooked, analyzed and tasted. Any changes should be done with the chef as he can offer key specific improvements.

We offer a space for comfortable and good analysis and evaluation of season menu. One needs to check the innovation before implementation to consider ins and outs, accommodate the personnel and decrease the risk of force majeure. A trial run helps to make the service better and attract more guests.

What we offer

Our space is ideal for:
  • Checking the technology of new direction in advance of equipment purchase
  • Analyzing the menu and personnel work before opening
  • Training events of any kind thanks to fully quipped working space