Our mission is to be the most effective company in the region. We provide our clients with just-in-time service of high quality.

доставка продуктов

Trading company “Elite Trade”

“EliteTrade” wasfoundedinthe year2005. Our main goal is to provide the wholesale supply to professionals such as restaurants, cafes, canteens, hotels and retail chains, etc. We are dominating in the wholesale supply at the HoReCa region market. The company carries its business at the territory of Eastern Siberia and delivers the products within the Irkutsk region, Buryatia and Chita. One of our branches is situated at the capital city of Buryatia.

We make the deliveries not only within Irkutsk region, but to Buryatia and Chita as well.

Wide range of products

Our company supplies only healthy foods. High quality of food pushes your guests to come back to your place. Elite Trade carries out the delivery in the agreed time and place by means of its own transport. We are permanently analyzing the market trends and updating the products lines. The list of products includes different item:
  •  meat;
  • sea food;
  • dairy and cheese;
  • vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries;
  • groceries;
  • bread and pastry;
  • components for Japanese dishes;
  • fast food;
  • etc.
To receive the price list, please request a call back. Our managers will contact you in the suitable time. If necessary, our specialists could give you advice.
Well-run logistics will allow you to concentrate at the main business without troubles with the product supply. The absence of necessity to have several different contracts for each type of food, to fight with the delays and tons of papers will give you the opportunity to pay the attention to cooking tasty and health food.  
Cooperation with Elite Trade is:

  • Comfortable. We carry out the delivery with great accuracy and just-in-time. 
  • Easy. You place an order and we provide other services by ourselves. 
  • Cost-effective. Working with Elite Trade allows you to get the wide range of products at individual prices. For regular customers we propose a rewards program.  
Our aim is to be the most successful company at the HoReCa market in the Region. That is why we are keeping our eye on the quality of the provided services and relevant delivery time. Reliable supplier is the key to the success of any food outlet (restaurant, café, and canteen). Leading companies in the region are working with us and we ensure and guarantee clear mutual payments, reduction of expenses and easy cooperation.

We are growing and developing with you!