About the project

Our mission is to be the most effective company in the region. We provide our clients with just-in-time service of high quality.

центр фудсервиса элит трейд

The center of food service and culinary skills “Elite Trade”

The first beyond the Urals center of food service and culinary skills “Elite Trade” is an up-to-date multifunctional center focused on the training HoReCa professionals.

Thanks to modern catering equipment our center of food service and culinary skills allows to run master classes and professional technological analysis of any product or cuisine.

Multimedia solutions at conference hall with the capacity of 80 persons allow to participate in different presentations and live global events around the world.


An obvious advantage of the new center is its specialization. The company “Elite Trade” acquired a great professional experience at the HoReCa market in respect of running field-specific events.

A convenient zoning of the space allows running several events at a time and modifying the place in accordance with individual needs.

The center of food service and culinary skills “Elite Trade” is a new ambitious project focused on the support of restaurant-keepers community in Baikal region. The main areas of business are:

  • Mainstreamification of eating out culture; 
  • Development of cookers profession;
  • Promotion and development of Siberian cuisine.
 Collaboration with the center of food service and culinary skills “Elite Trade” gives the opportunity to:

  • Train the personnel by means of conferences, forums, presentations, master classes and online broadcasting
  • Run the master classes and presentations of new dishes with step-by-step explanationsat a professional equipment;
  • Introduce new equipment starting from cookware and kitchen appliances to furniture and PC software; 
  • Test and experience every detail of work for new food outlet before official grand opening, check if the chef is ready for real work speed; 
  • Organize and run the competitions, championships in culinary skills.

 Besides, the center of food service and culinary skills “Elite Trade” runs home training events on a regular basis. We succeed in sharing our experience with the HoReCa companies: introducing trade marks from our product list, running presentations with testing sessions, training personnel in efficient work practices. Each client can evaluate interesting items from the cooking to test session and decide upon the supply.

We are looking to cooperate with you!

 If you would like to learn more about the space of center of food service, you can shift to virtual tour. During the tour you will see the zoning of different specific, catering equipment, conference hall and kitchen. Plan you event easily.

If you are a new client, you can read the feedback from other companies. You will see our advantages and high skill level. The information will be useful for planning your events in accordance with the type you would like to use. You can ask us any question by telephone +7(3952) 40-40-22. Make a call or request a call back is upon your choice. Please ask any question by e-mail: mar@elite.ooo.