Rewards program

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Rewards program
Rewards program regulations:
1. General provisions
1.1. Rewards program starts on the 1st of September 2018.
1.2. Rewards program covers only HoReCa clients. Retail and bulk clients cannot use rewards.
1.3. Rewards are calculated in accordance with the below scheme:
1) 1 bonus per each 1000 rubles
2) 1 bonus per 1 SKU on a monthly basis (the rewards calculated the 3rd day of each month)
Example: a client purchased 400 items from Elite Trade in September and 550 items in October. The amount of reward for 2 months will be 950 rubles.
1.4. Rewards can be used to pay for the service of the center of food service and culinary skills (hereinafter “the Center”):
1.5. A lifetime of rewards is 6 six months
1.6. Resetting of rewards is initiated twice a year: at the end of February (28.02) and at the end of August (31.08)
1.7. In case the participant cannot visit an event and notify the Center in less than 24 hours, the reward used is debited with no return.
1.8. Services of the Center
2.1. The full amount of reward could be spent for services of the Center. The cost of master class depends on the program, scope and duration of the event. The prices are specified for each event independently.
Ratio: 1 ruble = 1 bonus

1. Special conditions
1.1. The company “Elite Trade” may not apply the above conditions for peculiar events (for example HACCP trainings) at its own discretion. Special conditions will be stated whether in the promotional leaflet or by phone/ e-mail
1.2. Other scopes of events shall be agreed individually.
1.3. The company “Elite Trade” may change the conditions of the reward program at its own discretion and with no prior notice. Information about the change is published at web site of the Center.
2. Reporting about the reward amounts:
The client may request the information about reward amounts whether by calling the personal manager or by calling to the Center (you will be asked to name your company’s legal name).