A culinary battle in the middle of a food service!

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The 9 of June, 2020
A long-awaited offline event took place in our food service center - a culinary battle with educational elements.
Personal brand building is a topic that is relevant for any profession - a chef, bartender, barista and others. After a seminar on this topic, the participants in teams played a quiz, tested different products from which different drinks can be prepared - fruit drinks, cocktails, teas, prepared, compared, tasted.

The game was supervised by Alina Firsova (member of the SCA international association, certified judge of national barista championships, founder of Dose Coffee, training manager).
Delicious and original drinks were prepared from products:

- tea Yuzu "Yuzu" Korea 1 l
- ice cream Standard vanilla cocktail bar 10% 70 g
- liquid milk mixture for ice cream and cocktails "Milk River" 4%, 1 liter
- dry mix for soft ice cream, cocktail, desserts with vanilla flavor "Vita Ice-Premium" 1kg
- spices KOTANYI
A friendly atmosphere, personal experience, real practice are what you need to get to know the product as best you can.

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