Final of the "Internship in Zhoma" competition

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The 1 of June, 2020
On August 20, the long-awaited final of the Zuma contest took place on the shore of Lake Baikal! The main prize is an internship in the kitchen of the famous pan-Asian restaurant "Zuma" in Vladivostok (all inclusive)!
The participants found themselves in very unusual conditions - they needed to cook something original on a wild shore with a minimum amount of equipment!
The participants were evaluated by the jury members:
Litvinenko Yulia - the brand chef of the restaurants "Geese in the City", the city of Novosibirsk. Member of the National Guild of Chefs, Vice President of the Siberian Guild of Chefs and Pastry Chefs, winner of the television project "Culinary Star" (Russia-1), participant in the TV program "Time to Dinner" (Channel One) and the culinary show "Recipe for a Million "with Dmitry Nazarov (СТС).

Egor Anisimov is the chef of the most famous and fashionable Pan-Asian restaurant in the Far East - Zuma! Egor's track record includes internships in restaurants in Vietnam, China, Thailand, tours in the best Russian restaurants, the #MamontCup expedition in search of new flavors to the Shantar Islands lost in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the organization of the first Russian dinner in Antarctica at the South Pole.

Alexey Rassafonov is a member of the national guild of chefs, a member of the federations of professional chefs and confectioners, a member of the Siberian restaurant business. Two-time winner of the Irkutsk barbecue championship, winner of the second international gastronomic festival in Manchuria, winner of the Tolma international festival (Ulan Ude), winner of the Gifts of Siberia gastronomic festival, Sakha Republic, two-time winner of the Irkutsk Copper Pan.

Gerasimova Lyudmila is the chef of the food service and culinary excellence center of the Elite Trade company, the ambassador of our unique training space, the participant of all practical events, master classes, trainings, workshops and presentations of Foodservice, the chief chef-technologist of our center, Irkutsk.

Dmitry Arinin @Arinin_dk became the winner and received the main prize!
2nd place was taken by Konstantin Polunin @poluninkonstantin received a certificate for 10,000 rubles for the services of a food service center and a cook's jacket.
3rd place was taken by Ivan Tolstikhin @ivan_irk_ received a cook's jacket.
It was a difficult test: "with one knife and a pot" to cook a serious competitive dish, which was assessed by a strict jury. But the participants coped and it was at a high level!
Congratulations to the guys and thank you all for your participation !!!

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